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Choosing A Reference Photo
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Selecting A Photograph


Guided by your photos, I will create a custom, personalized artwork, so the quality of the photograph has bearing on how well your portrait will come out.  If I can see it well, I will be able to draw it well.

The photo(s) you send just need to be clear, and show the subject to be drawn at least 2 inches across in the face.

If Taking the photo yourself either digital or otherwise, Please keep the subject at eye level to take your reference photo. Photos taken while looking downward at a subject will result in poor perspective. 
Suggested distance for good quality and details-Aprox. 3 ft. away from subject is a good distance.  

They don't have to be professional photographs. Candid shots taken at home are great, you'd be amazed 
at the results!

Regular print photos are better reference photographs than digital photographs, however I do work with digital photos if when blown up I can see the details in the face. The decision whether a digital print will be suitable for portraiture will be dependent upon the print itself.

*NOTE* I can not produce a portrait from very old photos that need restoration. If your cherished old photograph has been restored and is in good quality I will contact you once the photo is emailed to me to let you know if I can sketch the photograph into a pencil portrait.

Please allow 3 to 14 days for completion of your portrait.

Send All Photos To:

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