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Q/A On Ordering
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How Do I Order a Pencil Portrait?
Email or mail me a clear and vivid photograph of you favorite picture. 3X5 or larger. (See reference page here) Digital photos welcome. If sending a photograph via US Mail, I will return the photo along with your sketched portrait. Upon receiving your photograph I'll email or "call you back - if sending via US mail" letting you know that I received the photo and if I'm able to work with that photo. Please include a contact telephone number in your email or US Mail for me to contact you.  
My work then begins within 3 days or sooner after your portrait arrives and It will be finished and sent to you for approval within one week. This is if being sent via Email.
How Do I Pay?
I Accept PayPal, Personal Checks, & US Money Orders.
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What if I don't have a Paypal Accout?
 No Problem! Click on the Sign button at the bottom of this page to register with them if you've not already done so, it's really easy, secure and free!
Do you accept Personal Checks?
Note: Yes! Personal checks will need to clear the bank before shipping will occur. When using US postal service this process takes much longer and approval copy will only be a photo copy of the art work with a water mark through the sketch. (This is done for copyright protection).  If you agree that my work is satisfactory to you, you will email me, call me or write me back via US mail to indicate that the portrait is satisfactory to you, then you will send the amount of $25.00 for the portrait Plus $5.00 Postage and handling to:
(Debbie Maynard) Portraits By Debbie
712 S.W. 3rd
Wagoner, Oklahoma. 74467
 If more then one person is in the photo. Add $10.00 per additional subject!


Do you require a deposit before you start the work on the Portrait?

No payment or deposit is required until the portrait is finished. I'll e-mail you a scanned preview of the portrait and you decide if you want to purchase it I will be send the portrait to the address of your choice when payment has been received and cleared. I reserve the right to decline an order due to inappropriate subject, workload or if the quality of the photo is poor. So please submit at least 2 photos for review. This will help speed the process.


What is your Policy on sending my photo through US Mail?

Sending the photo US Mail: If your photo is sent via regular mail I can't accept responsibility for any damage or loss while it is in transit. I recommend that a duplicate photo is sent. Alternatively, send the photo by registered (insured) mail. You photo will be returned.


What quality of photo do I need to send?
PHOTO Quailty:The quality of the finished portrait is related to the quality of the photo submitted. A few things to bear in mind when you choose a photo to submit:-
Clear, in focus close-ups are best.
I should be able to see the whites of the eyes.
The subject should ideally be lit from the front and to one side.
Photos taken with a flash tend to lack depth and detail.


What if I want more than one subject in the Portrait?

PLEASE NOTE * For additional subjects in the photograph you will need to add $10.00 per subject. ( Details for a sketch like this will be explained via email or by phone.)


How Do I contact You? 

 for further information on additional subjects or to send Photograph or call Debbie at (918) 485-9313. If you email me your name and telephone number I'll call you if you perfer.


How long is your Gift Certificates valid for?

My gift certificates are good for up to 3 months from the date of purchase. The party your purchasing the certificate for will need to contact me as soon as they receive their certificate and start the process for their order!  You, The Purchaser will be responsable to help assist the Receiver of the certificate by giving them my information on how to contact me.  

(Debbie Maynard) Portraits By Debbie
712 S.W. 3rd
Wagoner, Oklahoma. 74467
(918) 485-9313

Shipping and Handling:
Mailed to you Via US MAIL: Add $5.00 to Personal Checks or US Money Orders. If using PayPal $5.00 will be added automatically to the order for Shipping.

How long does it take once you receive my photo?
Your order will be shipped within 3-14 days upon receiving your Photograph. This depends on my work load!
How is my portrait shipped?
I offer the following shipping methods:

Standard US Postal Service: add $5.00
This section may include the cost of each form of delivery as we update our site.


Customers often ask what my return policy is. I aim for complete customer satisfaction. If you are not completely happy with your sketched portrait when I email you back a copy for approval before shipping, you will not have to purchase it.
In the future, I may also provide a list of credit cards that I may be accepting  on this page.

Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!

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Guest Book

Do you have any questions? Send an e-mail to:
Or Contact Debbie At:
(918) 485-9313
 If you would like me to telephone you to save you the long distance call just email me your name and number and reason for the call and I'll get back with you A.S.A.P.

Portraits By Debbie * Wagoner* OK * 74467

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