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Affiliate Program "FREE 8X10 Portrait"
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My Affiliate Program

VMC Satellite Dish Network
Brought to you by: Pencil Portraits By Debbie
FREE! FREE! FREE! A 8X10 Portrait (up to 3 subjects included)
A $50.00 Savings!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shipping also FREE!
When clicking on the link to the right and if you purchase VMC Satellite System. All you need to do is send me an email with you name, address and telephone number along with your favorite photo you would like your portrait sketched of and once VMC notifies me letting me know that you have followed through with your purchase, I will begin sketching your FREE 8X10 Portrait. It's as easy as that!  So Don't miss out on such a great deal as this!

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Dear Friend and Website Visitor :
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You'll get up to 256 channels of CD quality sound and picture for LESS than you pay for cable TV!
Monthly rates start as low as $29.99.  You can order online and schedule your FREE INSTALLATION from Dish Network at:
Yours truly,
 "Pencil Portraits By Debbie"
                 Debbie Maynard

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