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Welcome To The Home
 Pencil Portraits By Debbie
The place where you can purchase a very unique gift that anyone would treasure forever!
On this home page, I'll introduce my business and highlight important areas on my site.
A Little About Me & My Work 

Recently I discovered a hidden talent I process in the form of pencil portrait sketching. I've always had a knack for drawing and oil painting and in the past I've painted many landscape painting which are scattered throughout my family but, I never imagined I held such a hidden talent for sketching portraits of people.

I've searched the Internet for Artists of the like and truthfully there is a lot of great talent out there with art work like this for sale but man what a price one will pay.  My goal is to provide a service to you,  the public in sharing my art work to you at a fraction of the cost you would pay anywhere else.
Recently I was injured on the job and found out through the course of my treatment that I have a disease called Multi Level Disease Degenerative Disc Disease which has limited me in the type of work I'm able to preform now.  So family members have told me to use this talent I possess and sale my sketches to supplement my income. 

The following pages on the side bar to the left of this page will guide you though the rest of my website where you can find out how to order your portrait from your favorite photograph.  These make great gifts for any occasion, such as a  Birthday, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, Anniversary, Birth or any other special occasion you may think of. 

Check Out Today's Daily Special!

Today's Specials


Buy one portrait at regular price and - get the a free gift certificate for a friend or loved one - must be equal amount of subjects on gift certificate as in first regular priced purchased.

Price may vary depending on how many subjects are in the portrait!

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